Survival After Separation Rules

Thank you for your interest in promoting Survival After Separation.

To keep our refund rates low and to keep our customers happy, please go over the rules for promoting a Survival After Separation product.
Google and Bing Advertising
Affiliates will need to undergo a review before you can promote Survival After Separation on Google and Bing. Go over these rules for your guidance.
Do Not do Brand Marketing
Affiliates are not allowed to bid any brand keywords like “Survival After Separation"
Do Not Use False Representation
As an affiliate, you are not allowed to falsely promote yourself as the owner or creator of any Survival After Separation product.
Do Not Use False Negative Marketing
You are not allowed to market using negative strategies. This includes using words like fraud or scam in your ads or in your copy.
Do Not Spam Your Email Lists
Do not Spam your email lists when promoting any Survival After Separation product. Do not send unsolicited emails.
Do Be Clear and Upfront
Make it clear to your list or your audience that you are being compensated to promote Survival After Separation products.
For additional rules and best practices, please go over Clickbank’s Guidelines.

Advertising on Google and Bing

Affiliates are allowed to start promoting our products on Bing and Google. 

Below are important rules that you have to follow if you want to start advertising on Bing and Google.
Do Have Quality Websites
Affiliates are required to have quality websites. Do not just create a landing page, fill it with some of the free articles provided in the affiliates area. Instead, create original content and make your website valuable to your visitors. Make your website look good as well.
Do Have Your Website Reviewed
Contact us via the Affiliates Page before you start a Bing or Google Ad Campaign. Your websites need to be reviewed to make sure that you are following the rules. We can also help you with tips on marketing and optimization during the review process.
Do Not Do Brand Keyword Advertising
Affiliates are not allowed to bid any brand keywords like “Survival After Separation".
Do Not Use Brand Words in Ad Copy
You are not allowed to use brand words in any copy. Do not list phrases like “Survival After Separation".
Do Not Directly Advertise to Any Survival After Separation URLs
Affiliates are not allowed to directly advertise to Survival After Separation Love URLs and other Survival After Separation Products.
Do Not Use Direct Hoplink Advertisement
Do not advertise directly to a Hoplink URL. Use your own website instead. This is poor marketing practice and your ads are likely going to get denied.
Do Follow Our Other Rules
For our other promotion rules. Please check out our General Promotion Guidelines for Survival After Separation